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Fix your Github Issuewith Web3

Attach directly a Reward in Github to your features, fixes and tests to incentive Developers to complete them in a given time.

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Deal Faster

Offer Deals to Developers in a Few Seconds

Directly on Github, create a Deal to incentive contributors to achieve the issue, with an escrow proof.

Manage for success

Real-time performance delivers real impact

Feature is more than a GitHub App. All of our tools will boost your productivity.


Reduce churn and burn. Each Github issues or ticket completed earns experience points (tokens) to see a clear path to success.


Associating behaviors with recognition turns them into habits. Feature uses coin and tokens to instantly reward employees when a Github issue or a ticket is completed.


Feature allows managers to better engage with their developers by sending some badges who validated skills or contributions.


By giving a higher reward for urgent and important tasks you put all your chances on your side to get the task done in time.


Accounting is often a pain, especially when it comes to crypto rewards, which are often volatile. A simple interface calculates the equivalent in euros and dollars to simplify your life.


By giving real time feedback to the developer through a dashboard that tracks the performance of each developer ensure you participate in its success.

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Feature helps us motivate our developers and track their activity in real time.

Hulin Simon

Co-Founder & Product Lead at Flexteam

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